Monday, October 10, 2011

I'm missing...

Our little dude is 7:53pm and I have seen him a total of 20 minutes today :( and he will be sound asleep dreaming when I get home around 9:30.....this has been a hard day I'll be honest. An emotional day of not being content...wishing i was a sahm and still hoping that day will come. Is it wrong of me to keep praying that day will happen? Is that what God really has in store for our little family?

How could I not love this little dude?? He melts my heart when he reaches with his arms stretched out crying not wanting me to leave him. I feel so guilty leaving my own son and going to work and seeing him 3 hours a day :( ok I'm a mess....pray for me :)

Ps pray for my husband he is going for something that could potentially land me at home :) I just pray and trust that the Lord know whats best for little family :)

1 comment:

  1. praying for you!!! the lord definitely works things out in HIS timing......its heartache being about from your boy......maybe you're being refined through this hardship, maybe you're learning to trust in him all the more......we don't know, but there IS comfort in knowing that HE knows :)



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