Monday, April 11, 2011

10 summer goals...

as summer is drawing nearer, i thought it would be appropriate to start jotting down some of my summertime goals. one of the perks of being a teacher is that you get about two months "off"...meaning besides working in your room, taking classes, going to workshops, etc., you have two months of having some freedom. this summer is the first summer of not having a job (usually i teach summer school) and the first summer of relaxing with my baby mason!
also, this summer is the first time i will be making some goals and hopefully achieving these goals :)

last night, while sitting around our little campfire in the backyard, i was just actually talking to mr. husband about some goals i had for the summer....then this morning danielle's sometimes sweet blog inspired me to write them down and blog about them! :)
so here we go! :)


1. keep up on my running exercise.
i am running my first 5K this weekend. i have worked very hard to get to this point and i don't want to loose everything i worked so hard for. summer is so flexible that i don't want to forget about running because lemme tell ya, it really wasn't fun trying to get back in shape! :)
maybe i should work toward running a 5K each month so i can't forget about running! :)

2. keep up with my garden.
this will be my second year of having a vegetable garden. last year i was very pregnant with mason and just kind of left the garden and didn't pay much attention to it.
however, this year i would like to earn my green thumb badge :)
i just love the freshness of home grown veggies!
i plan on canning some salsa at the end of summer!

3. have friends out to BBQ each month.
we have a huge yard to BBQ, play yard games, swim in our 1st pool, and to have campfires :)
my plan is to host BBQ's each month to fellowship with friends we love!

4. experiment more with my d-slr.
i have had my camera since january and haven't shot many pictures besides in the portrait setting! i want to experiment in other setting, possibly even the manual and change iso settings, aperture settings, etc. eeeeepp!

5. paint the outside of one of our sheds at our house.
this shed i'm thinking of at our house is a sore sight to see. much paint has chipped and looks a little ragged. i want to take a weekend to scrape and paint a new fresh color.

6. paint mason's toy room.
right now it is a dark burgundy, which was the color when we moved in 1 1/2 years ago. i plan on painting a light, fresh, soothing color. hopefully i will have pictures to show the before and after. :)

7. paint our entryway. the room when you first walk into our house.
right now it is white. i would like to paint the entryway a muted/soft color.
any suggestions on colors? i am open to any suggestions!

8. keep up the maintenance work of our pool.
this summer we are going to put up a pool in our backyard :) i found a website that you can actually make your own chemicals to keep the chlorine level, pH, etc., up with out the cost of buying chemicals from your local pool store.
i can't wait to do this! ahhhh i can just see mase and i chillin' in our pool all summa long!! :)

9. stay more up-to-date with this little blog o' mine.
seems like these past few months, i just haven't had time to really keep up with it!
i plan on blogging hopefully at least every other day.....i hope.

10. complete more diy projects.
i love getting crafty and making my own goodness. i have been slacking lately and that needs to change. good thing summer is coming to have more freedom of having crafternoons :)

whew! looks like i will be pretty busy this summer!!
28 more school days until school is out and summer starts for mason and i!!!
and 10 more days until boston and marthas vineyard!!
{but who's counting anyways :)}



  1. go you on your first 5K! i want to do one as well. and your blog is looking so super cute lady!

  2. Love this idea!! How did your 5k go?? I am so ready to be a "runner." Hehe! Just need to "do it" ya know ;) Good for you!



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