Monday, January 3, 2011

things just change...

...when you become a momma!!!! :)

normally husband and i would be spending nye with friends havin' some delicious wines, champagne, and beers ...maybe too many drinks, :) going somewhere for 'after hours', and staying up waaaay too late. but like i said...when you become a momma things change.

instead of 'going out' we stayed in a had some yummy drinks with husband, my 3 sisters, and their husband/boyfriend.
{ snappys of that}

instead of 'going out' we had a fancy pedicure party.
{btw this stuff works...really, really good, its for fast drying nail polish}

instead of 'going out' we played salon and did hair.

instead of 'going out' and staying up too late, we were in bed by midnight or there after....ya know babies like to get up at 5:30 or earlier :)

instead of 'going out' we happily watched babies play :)

instead of 'going out' and getting a sitter to watch the babies, we let them snuggle in bed and watch movies!!!

instead of 'going out' we played the Wii....who knew a 2yr old could be soooo good?!?!!!

though we didn't have our 'usual' nye outings....we enjoyed spending time with little maseypoo and family. i wouldn't trade this mommy-hood gig for anything!!!! :)

hope you had a blessed 2010 and CHEERS to 2011!!!!!! :)



  1. i am the person in the sink so many times ;)

    love the pedicures!

  2. This was TOTALLY us this year!!! I need to blog ours for our books :) We show some Wii love too!



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