Thursday, December 16, 2010

embrace the camera: dec 16

this week we have be soakin' it up INSIDE. this nebraska weather is downright coooooold :)
mr.mase eyes on the camera please!! :)

this is my second time of embracing the camera :)

do you wanna join embracing the camera? click the above link :)

hope this thursday is a very blessed day for you!

happy thursday!



  1. So sweet! We're stuck inside too...that's the midwest for ya.

  2. Its cold here too! Feels like we are hibernating. Your little boy is so cute and I love the picture!

  3. I had no idea you had a blog!! Imagine my surprise as I'm clicking through all the "embrace the camera" linkies and after clicking yours, I did a double take....I know her! haha....I just laughed at myself! Glad to see you've joined in on the fun! Love your picture by the way, little mason is getting so big!

  4. Cold and LOTS of snow where I live ~ time to hibernate :)

  5. Enjoy your hibernating :))) Lots of snuggle time ;)



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