Monday, November 1, 2010

how will i ever....


So, it's November and that means....time to pick out our Christmas card :)
this will be our 2nd official Christmas card as family.
our first card included our 'son' bentley
our 2nd card will include our 'real' son :)

the problem lies with which Christmas card i will be getting....
there are so many choices/designs i feel some anxiety when trying to decide.
i'm really getting hung up on whether to choose the one big picture card or the card with many small photos....hmmmmm

i do like me some red and green...

what about a break from the traditional red and green and taking a walk on the colorful side?

what about this seafoam green color that i'm in love with?
i haven't made my final decision yet, but i have narrowed it down to about three. i'll be keeping it a secret so i don't ruin the surprise when you open that envelope on that chilly December day :)

pictures via {shutterfly}

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