Saturday, November 13, 2010

a birthday shout out...

to my lil' man!!!!!
{he's 3 months old today!!!}

just a few morning birthday pics....midmorning, afternoon, mid-afternoon, and evening pics to come......i suppose you could call me a camera/picture of my babe freak if ya want...................he is sooooo irresistible!!!!!!!!

look at me, i can sit up!!

our little lovie...
...he is soooo loved :)

holy big eyes mase...not to mention the double chin
good to know you are eatin well :)

i like to say i work two jobs....teacher by day, momma/mason lover by night
now if only i could quit one job and just be a ONE job kind of that i mean quittin my day job and keeping my night job :) :)
i will wait for God's timing on that, if that is in His plans for our little fam...He does have PERFECT timing :)

today im thankful for.......
ted is gone for the weekend to hunt down one of these....this is something that makes him happy so i'm glad he is able to get out in the wild and do what he loves.
will we have new wall decor?? ive noticed actually, that deer are 'in' for your walls...look...

this Bible verse is for him for sure.
Rise, kill, and eat. Acts 10:13


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