Wednesday, September 29, 2010

the husband & the wife

he is 24, she is 23
he makes good bacon, she makes burnt crispy bacon
he likes to hunt, she would rather shop
he's the gas, she is the break
she is the fight, he is the flight
he hates spiders, she hates snakes
he likes it COLD, she would rather be warm
he likes hunting shows, she likes the kardashians

very different, but very much in love

{you know i hate this subject}
but, i have 3 more weeks until back to work :(
she wants to go on a ROAD TRIP, he does too!!!!
we just don't know where to go.....somewhere possibly with out the babe. love love love him to death, but we want a short get-a-way with not so much work :)
and since we have a babe, the road trip has to be el cheapo :)

oh dear. i have an obsession.
it's peanut butter m&m's.
doesn't help that it's candy season now.
but. there is good news.
i've been exercising. with mckayla and ted :)
i think ted will be my new accountability partner :)

picture via {weheartit}

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