Thursday, September 16, 2010

God has laid upon my heart

to pray for this little life
baby Bowen

So....people used to tell me how nothing in this world compares to the love a mother feels for her child. I believed them of course, but the moment that I first laid eyes on you, mason,
I truly understood.
It was like my heart just wasn't big enough to hold all that love.
You became my world.

i can't imagine having you suffer from anything painful like this little baby.
im not sure if i have become more emotional since giving birth to my own babe, but my tears became a water fountain when i read about this....about the morning of september 14

here you can read about baby bowen's family

here you can listen to the song baby bowen had playing near him..."restless" by audrey assad.
enough crying for the day i think.
now i need to go love on mason because life is so precious.

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