Monday, April 26, 2010

it's too redneck......

for lincoln......

so this weekend i got to hang out with a few of my favorite people :) ted, manda, and phil or philbert i sometimes call him :)

school is winding down and i had a personal day so i thought heck why not take a friday off and go to lincoln for a loonnngg weekend with my ted. to raise the roof we went on a couples dinner date with manda and phil!!!! and double raise the roof we ate MeXiCaN!!! :) yummzzzoooo:) (no pics cuz i didn't have my NEW camera yet...more to come) after mexican we had a fabulous time in the haymarket at a drinking venue.....too bad i couldn't drink because manda had some pretttyyyy sweetzzo drinks AND she got tipsy!!! :) i guess thats what being a P3 does to you...huh manda?!?!?! i wish i had pretty pictures of her drinky :) we went to the hotel and manda and phil went home too at closing time......but APPARENTLY manda and phil did nasty thoughts pleazzzzeeeeeeeeee....she said something about being redneck to phil and friends!!!!!hahahaha and she doesn't remember it which is even more raise the roof!

is this too redneck manda?!?!?!?!

i don't think so!!!!!
what about this one??

even that one isn't redneck.....i'm not sure what was said after the bar about being redneck, but i wish i knew :) :)

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